Terms of Use

Welcome to our Website. www.moschosspyros.gr is an online store that sells products, of the sole proprietorship "SPYRIDON M. MOSCHOS" (hereinafter «Company»).

1)More specific information - online store information:

The online store is owned and operated under the responsibility of the sole proprietorship under the name «SPYRIDON M. MOSCHOS» and the distinctive title «Spyros Moschos», which is based in Ioannina. The following are the details of the company:

Business Activity: Sale of jewelry

No. G.Ε.MI.: 31079429000

Date of Establishment: 05/07/2010

Headquarters of the Company: Leof. Karamanli 35B, Μolos 454 44

Tax Registration Number: 031245558

Email: moschosspyros@gmail.com

Telephone:  26510-20542 - 6950507550

The use of our online store and the realization of your purchases through it, are defined and governed by the following Terms of Use. For this reason, before logging in and using the online store www.moschosspyros. gr, read carefully and make sure that you understand and agree with these Terms, because your further use and browsing of the website www.moschosspyros.gr, implies your explicit and unconditional consent and their acceptance.

The Company reserves the right to add, modify and/or remove at any time any item and/or information contained in its online store, as well as to temporarily or permanently suspend part or all of its services at any time, without prior notice to users. Visitors/users are responsible for periodically checking for any changes to these Terms of Use. The Company informs the users through this website for any changes in the terms of the transactions. Any modification or change is not valid and does not affect orders already placed to be executed. The Terms of Use of the website and the transactions carried out through it, do not affect provisions of compulsory law of Greek law. The contracts of the online store are made in the Greek language, which you declare that you understand (writing and reading). The use of the online store by minors or by persons deprived of legal capacity is prohibited.

By entering, you declare that you are an adult and have legal capacity, and you commit that you will not allow the use of your data by minors or persons who lack legal capacity. If such use of your information occurs, the responsibility will be yours. Therefore, please follow the basic rules of online transaction security.


2)Information provided & products

The Company is committed to the quality, completeness and validity of the information presented on its website, as well as to the essential features of the products posted on the website, as well as to the accuracy of the information regarding the services provided by the online store of the Company. In the context of good faith, the Company is not responsible for technical or typographical errors, which may have occurred unintentionally or due to interruptions of the website by force majeure. We inform you that we do not manufacture the products sold on our website ourselves, unless otherwise noted. Please always read any form of information if any, such as labels, warnings and instructions provided with the product before use.

3)Limitation of Liability

The Company cannot guarantee the availability of the displayed products. However, it is committed to informing consumers in a timely manner about their unavailability. In addition, the Company is only responsible for gross negligence and deceit, in case of delay in the delivery of ordered products and for information or services it provides through its online store.

The online store of the Company is not responsible for any technical problems that may occur to users when they attempt to access the website or during their visit to it and are related to the operation or compatibility of their own infrastructure with the use of the website.. At the same time, the Company does not bear any responsibility for acts or omissions of third parties and especially unfair interventions of third parties in products and/or services and/or information, available through its online store. The website www.moschosspyros. gr does not guarantee that the pages, services, options and contents will be provided without interruption and without errors. The cost of any corrections or services is borne by the visitor/user and in no case the Company.


4)Unauthorized activities - visitor/user obligations

Users of the e-shop website www.moschosspyros.gr use the Website only for the following private and non-commercial purposes:

a) Website view,

b) purchase of products featured on the Website,

c) use of other services that may be provided on the Website.

The users of our website accept and commit that they will not use the online store of the Company for sending, publishing, and generally in any way transmitting illegal, harmful, threatening, racist, offensive, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, content harmful to minors. The above content may not be retransmitted in accordance with the law and the provisions in force. In addition, the visit to the website www.moschosspyros.gr and the transactions through it must be done for personal and private use and exclusively for lawful purposes and in a manner that does not restrict or impede its use by third parties.

The visitor is obliged to use the website in accordance with the law, good manners and these terms, and not to perform acts or omissions, which may cause damage or malfunction or affect or endanger the provision of services of the online store. Use of the Website for illegal purposes carries civil and criminal penalties. The Company declares that it will cooperate with any police or judicial Authority in order to reveal the identity of any user who publishes or transmits similar material or information.

Finally, visitors/users undertake that the information they submit to www.moschosspyros.gr is complete, correct and accurate and how they comply with the rules of Greek law and especially with the provisions of telecommunications legislation.


5) Intellectual and industrial property rights

Except for the expressly stated exceptions (copyrights of third parties, partners and entities), all content on the site www.moschosspyros.gr, including images, graphics, photographs, drawings, texts, services provided and in general all the archives of this site, are the intellectual property of the Company and are protected under the relevant provisions of Greek law, European law and international conventions. Therefore, none of them may be sold, copied, modified, reproduced, republished in whole or in part or transmitted or distributed in any way. The names, images, logos and insignia listed and describing the online store under the brand name / or the products or services of the online store or third parties, are assets of www.moschosspyros.gr or third parties respectively, protected by the relevant trademark laws. Their use in the online store in no case provides permission or right to use them by third parties.


6)Personal data rights – GDPR

All transactions made through www.moschosspyros.gr are governed by Regulation (EU) 2016 / 679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, as in force since 25 May 2018.

Any personal data that you declare anywhere on the pages and services of www.moschosspyros.gr, are kept solely for transactional reasons you with us, improving the services provided and ensuring the operation of the respective service. The Company preserves the personal character of your data and may not transfer it to any third party (natural or legal person) for any reason, with the exception of relevant provisions of law and to the competent authorities only. The Company, therefore, maintains files with personal data, which are sent by the visitor/user exclusively for communication, financial and tax purposes.

The visitor/user can contact the Company in order to cross-check the existence of the personal file, to correct it, to change it or to delete it. All information, which is related to your personal data and your transactions, is secure and confidential.

In any case, the Company reserves the right to change the terms of protection of personal data after informing the visitors/users and within the existing or possible legal framework. If a visitor / user does not agree with the terms of protection of personal data provided in this section must not use the services of the company.


7) Contract

Contract between the customer and the company is concluded by placing an order through the special order form from the customer and its acceptance by the online store www.moschosspyros.gr. The order is accepted by sending a confirmation email or by delivering the ordered goods. The online store www.moschosspyros.gr does not disclose customer details and of their transactions, unless it has a written authorization from you or this is required by a court decision or a decision of another public authority. Note that the company has no access to your credit card information.


8) Products - prices and availability

All product prices include VAT.

The prices listed on our website are subject to change at any time without notice.

All product offers are valid until stocks last.

We provide information on the availability of products sold on our website, on each product page. As we process your order, we will notify you by email or phone as soon as possible if any products you ordered are not available.


9) Orders through e-commerce

For the use of the e-commerce services of the company, the following information is requested from the visitor/user: Name/Company Name - Address of the natural person/Headquarters of the company - Postal Code - Telephone - E-mail - fax - Tax Identification Number - City - Country.

The above data are also required for the issuance of the relevant documents (tax) and are kept in the financial file of the Network. The company through its online store www.moschosspyros.gr can use the data referring to the type of goods and services acquired through e-commerce in order to record the buying interests of the trader and to make offers, unless the visitor/user of these services requests that no such offers be made. Information regarding the purchasing interests of the visitor/user can never be disclosed to third parties.


10) Product delivery - shipping costs

Upon registration of your order in our online store www.moschosspyros.gr, we send you an informative e-mail with the details of your order.

Two delivery methods are supported:  

1) Pickup from the store daily from 09:00 to 21:00.

2) Delivery to your place with the following terms:

a. The online store www.moschosspyros.gr is obliged to deliver the ordered goods to the address indicated by the customer when registering his order.

b. Deliveries are made only to postal addresses within Greece and Cyprus, exclusively through the courier company Speedex, with which the Company cooperates.

Deliveries are charged with the respective shipping and cash on delivery costs (in case you choose it as a method of payment), as mentioned below:

Ι. For orders within Greece, shipping costs are 2.80€ (for shipments weighing more than 2 kg, 0.80€ are added) and < strong>2.00€ as cash on delivery (in remote areas there are surcharges), through the cooperating courier company Speedex, for purchases over 60€ the mission and

ΙΙ. For orders from Cyprus, the shipment will be made at the expense of the recipient after consultation for the cost with the Company.

Deliveries are usually made within two - three working days. This provision is not, however, binding.

In case all the desired products are not in stock, only those that are available will be sent and the customer/user will be informed about the non-availability of these products, by phone or e-mail, immediately, within the same day of order preparation. In no case will there be a partial shipment of products or a wait for shipment, until the availability of all products is achieved. Therefore, for unavailable products, the order will be considered as not being made. It is noted, however, that the regularity of the online store www.moschosspyros.gr is the daily control of product availability and the immediate updating of its website. The various product offers are valid until stocks are exhausted.


11) Payment Methods

The online store www.moschosspyros. gr provides the following payment options:

 Online - by credit or debit card.

Visa, Mastercard, Diners and American express cards are accepted at www.moschosspyros.gr. In our online store, transactions are made with absolute security. The use of a Credit Card by the visitor/user for the payment of services/subscriptions of the Network is charged only once and only for the specific transaction. Credit card details are not archived and can not be used for any other purpose.

 Cash on delivery (Greece and Cyprus).

In this case the payment of your order will be made with the delivery from the courier company Speedex and you will be charged with €2.00 cash on delivery costs for shipments within Greece (in remote areas there are surcharges) and for shipments to Cyprus will be made at the expense of the recipient after consultation for the cost with the Company.

 By deposit in a bank account.

In this case you can complete your order without payment. The order remains pending and is finalized by depositing the total amount in the following bank account, writing as a reason….. and the name in which the order was placed:

Account details:


Piraeus Bank
  • IBAN: GR 4801724070005407052308608
  • Beneficiary: Moschos Μ. Spyridon
Alpha Bank
  • IBAN: GR85 0140 4000 4000 0210 1326 158
  • Beneficiary: Moschos Μ. Spyridon


Once you make the deposit, you must inform us by sending an e-mail with your name, the order number, the total amount as well as the date and the bank where you made the deposit. Do not forget that the deposit must be made within three days of the order, otherwise the order is canceled automatically.

Payment by PayPal

If you pay using PayPal, the PayPal Privacy Policy available on the PayPal Website will also apply. It determines how PayPal collects, maintains, discloses and transmits your personal data when you use its services.

Immediate payment at the store cashier upon receipt of your order.


12)Order Cancellation

The user may, using any means of communication, cancel an order placed with any means of communication, so that it is not executed, provided that it has not already been executed.

13) Right of withdrawal

Under the agreement between us, you have the right to withdraw from any purchase within 14 calendar days. You do not have to give any explanation for your choice. The product or products must be in excellent condition, not used, worn or in any condition other than their original. The withdrawal period starts from the receipt of the products. Returned products must be properly packaged so as not to be damaged during transport.

The right of withdrawal is possible if an email is sent to moschosspyros@gmail.com with the indication "return" and reference of the order code, as well as the completed withdrawal request that can be found here. Alternatively, you can contact us by phone at 26510-20542 within the above deadline (14 days).

Please note that the products you wish to return must be accompanied by the necessary legal documents and receipts.

Each product should be sent in the package in which it was received, with the postal company Speedex and at our own expense, as long as the changes of the same order do not exceed once. In case the shipment is made with any other company, the shipping costs will be borne by you.

In case of exercising the right of withdrawal, we will refund the amount you paid within fourteen (14) calendar days from the day we received the product and if it meets the above conditions. The amount will be refunded in the same payment method selected during the order.

Attention! Refunds apply only to online purchases and not to physical store purchases.

Finally, refunds are not made on the items that are on sale.

In case your order was shipped to Cyprus, then the shipping costs of the change or return will be borne by you.

14) Right of return-replacement

In case of a real defect or lack of contracted property, the buyer is entitled to withdraw, as mentioned above, alternatively without charge: a) repair of the product or b) replacement or c) reduction of the price in proportion to the defect.

The consumer has the right to demand the correction or replacement of the product free of charge if:

The order is executed incorrectly, ie the item that is delivered is different from the order or the wrong quantity or defective product or damaged packaging. The consumer should contact the store within 48 hours of receiving the product at 26510-20542 or email: moschosspyros@gmail.com and fill in the online product return form which is here, in order to point out the problem and his return approved. If it is a product that does not correspond to the order, it has not been used and it is in its packaging in condition which it was received. In any case, the product must be returned with all the necessary legal documents and receipt and in its original packaging.

Returns are made with the postal company Speedex at our own expense. In case the returned products are damaged or incomplete the www.moschosspyros.gr has the right to claim compensation from the customer, the amount of which will be determined by the condition of the products, and to unilaterally offset his claim against the customer's claim.

15) Non-defective product changes

The consumer has the right to return the product purchased and request its replacement with another product/products up to the amount paid or with the payment of additional costs, within fourteen (14) calendar days from the day of receipt of the product.

The consumer should contact the store within 48 hours of receiving the product by phone 26510-20542 / 6950507550 or email: moschosspyros@gmail.com, and fill in the online product return form which is here, in order to set the new product.

The product should not have been used and should be in the packaging that was received. In any case, the product must be returned with all the necessary legal documents and receipts.


16) Order delay

For some reasons for which we are not responsible, your product may be delayed. In particular, there may be a delay in the delivery of your order in the following cases:

1) The product has been delayed from being shipped by our supplier. 2) The product you ordered has already been removed and is no longer available. 3) In periods of extreme weather events or strikes, as well as in any case of force majeure, which may affect the transport and delivery of your order.

4) In case it is impossible to contact you by phone and / or by e-mail (if there is a problem with your order, either in relation to the product or in relation to its payment), for example because the information you entered is not properly updated. In any case, the delay does not exceed thirty days from the conclusion of the contract.

17) Cookies

The online store www.moschosspyros. gr uses tracking technology (cookie), which helps the Website to be more user friendly, efficient and secure. Cookies are small text files stored on your computer and used by your browser. Most of the cookies used by www.moschosspyros.gr are cookies session, which are automatically deleted at the end of your visit. Cookies will not harm your computer and do not contain viruses. However, if you do not want to use cookies, this will not prevent you from accessing the Website in any way. Your browser can be configured so that cookies are accepted with your permission or are completely blocked.

The Cookies we collect

The following table shows in detail the cookies we collect and the description of the information they store.

Cookie name

Cookie Description


The association with your shopping cart


Saves category information on the page to allow pages to be displayed faster


The items you have in the Product Compare list


The currency you prefer


An encrypted version of your identity as a customer with the store


An indication of whether you are currently logged in to the store


An encrypted version of the client group you belong to


Saves customer ID


A flag indicating whether or not the cache is working


Your identity on the server


Allows visitors to modify their orders


The last category you visited


The last product you saw


Indicates whether a new message has been received


Indicates whether to use cache


A link that leads to information about your basket and traffic history if you've asked the website (permanent cookie)


The identity of any research you have participated in


Information about any investigations you have participated in


The species you have recently compared


Information about products you have emailed to friends


The storage image or language you have selected


Indicates whether a customer is allowed to use cookies


The products you've seen recently


An encrypted list of products added to your wishlist


The number of items in your wishlist



18) Applicable law and jurisdiction

These Terms of Use and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with them or their object or wording (including non-contractual disputes or claims) are governed by and construed in accordance with Greek law. Competent courts for any legal dispute arising from the execution of this are exclusively the Courts of Ioannina. Any provision of the above General Terms becomes contrary to law, automatically ceases to apply, without prejudice to the validity of the other terms. This constitutes the entire agreement between www.moschosspyros .gr and the visitor/user/customer of the website and of services and binds only them. No modification of these terms will be considered and will not be part of the contract concluded, if it has not been formulated in writing and has not been incorporated in it. It is reiterated that www.moschosspyros .gr may modify these terms of use at any time.

If we do not promptly take any action required under these Terms of Use or if we delay taking action against you for breach of these Terms of Use, this does not mean that you should not take such action and will not prevent us from doing so. take action against you at a later date.


19) Processing of personal data of visitors/customers

Why do we ask for your details?

We ask you for a mobile phone to receive SMS and to be informed by text messages about the progress of your order, but also to be able, in case it is deemed necessary, to contact you by phone.

We ask for your delivery address, county, region, and postal code, so we know where to deliver. We ask for your name or the recipient's name to know to whom we will deliver.

We ask you for an Email for the intersection of the invoicing and shipping data. In the case of an invoice, we ask for your registered office address, tax office, Tax Registration number, company activity and company name for the issuance of a document.

20) Additional security measures

The company does not manage wifi networks, all equipment connections are wired.

Documents for processing orders are destroyed with a document shredder

All information, which is related to the personal data of the users, is ensured as confidential in compliance with the current legislation for the protection of personal data. The Company retains the information you provided throughout its commercial activity.


Contact us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these Terms of Use, please email us at moschosspyros@gmail.com.